Desert Giants

Desert Giants


A 3 Night / 4-Day overlanding adventure routing along the entire length of an ancient dry riverbed in the Namib Desert to learn about the remarkable megafauna living here: Elephants, Giraffe, Rhino, Lion and Ostrich. It is only after a flash flood arriving from the mountains that the Namib’s “ephemeral” rivers flow, miraculously winding through the sandy dunes. The deluge soon dries up on the surface but water filters down to permanent underground aquifers creating a source for the deep taproots of Ana trees and Camelthorn, enough for this vegetation to survive. It sustains a remarkable ecosystem with iconic desert-adapted “Giants” stealing the scene, truly a place like nowhere else on earth. A key target species are the desert elephants with just 180 left in the wild!


A specialised converted 4WD vehicle seating up to 6 people. Along the 180-mile route we make camp on the banks of the river, setting up each afternoon and packing up each morning as we progress along the expedition. The configuration of your canvas tents can be as sharing or as an individual.

Our Made in the Wild filming vehicle routes ahead in order to spot the animal tracks and collect data from pre-set camera traps giving you the best chance to see our target species. You will be given the chance to join up front on a 1-by-1 basis in the cabin and/or your entire group can bump around in the back (as desired) to give you the full authentic “behind-the-scenes” experience!


Your wildlife host is Jack Randall, National Geographic Zoologist, who will be guiding your wildlife expedition along a bespoke route for a Zoological journey of discovery, with the Namib’s “Desert Giants” taking centre stage. Jack is supported by a local guide as well as a dedicated chef to serve up delicious dishes in the field!

*Please note, whilst all our Experiences are designed with Explorer Families in mind – this journey is set in a particularly remote location and there are limited “at-home comforts” at a mobile camp, making this a potentially challenging trip for some! This trip has a capacity of just 6-guests and is booked out on an exclusive basis. Please enquire through for the full Expedition Itinerary. Departure dates run throughout the year.*