Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragons


A 4-Night / 5-Day Zoological expedition sailing through the Komodo National Park, Indonesia to learn more about the largest lizard on the planet, the mighty Komodo Dragon. Along the way you will dive for Giant Oceanic Manta Rays at their “cleaner stations” keeping an eye out for resident reef sharks, kayak along the mangroves to discover the importance of these habitats, survey for nocturnal mammals, reptiles & invertebrates, trek through the hilly forests of Rinca Island, all while participating in our mission to help monitor the population of endangered Komodo Dragons.


Anchored off the shores of Labuan Bajo, “Tiger Blue” is a traditional Pinisi fit for the modern wildlife explorer. Complete with luxurious living quarters yet kitted out with all the adventure gear to aid your mission, including kayaks & scuba gear. This is where the adventure begins!


Your wildlife host is Jack Randall, National Geographic Zoologist, who will be guiding your wildlife expedition along a bespoke route for a Zoological journey of discovery, with Komodo Dragons taking centre stage. Aboard Tiger Blue, a 12-man crew including a fully qualified dive master is on hand to support your explorations on off and below the water.

*This Experience is designed specifically with Explorer Families in mind – Adventurous, Fun & Educational!
Please enquire through adventures@madeinthewild.tv for the full expedition itinerary with departures running throughout the year on an exclusive basis, for up to 10 guests per group. A limited number of set-date departures are also available to be booked on a cabin-by-cabin basis.*