Made in the wild was founded in 2016 with a mission to inspire the world to get outside into the wild and discover the diversity of animals & habitats.

Research Trips

We always want to hear of new wildlife studies and are supportive of new research projects. Get in contact with your plan and let’s work out what we can do together.

Bespoke Expeditions

We are lucky to have our own field based infrastructure across Namibia and Australia! If you are interested in creating a bespoke wildlife expedition we can help.

Advertising & Sponsors

We use a range of kit for our adventures, if you would like us to help test your product and give visibility to your brand, let us know!

Content Creation

Our team has experience in producing outdoors & adventure content for TV and digital networks, we are open to collaboration or producing third party content.

Contact Form

Get in touch we don’t bite!

Sharing Stories

Filming for National Geographic (2018)

Filming for National Geographic (2018)

Adventure team arriving by tender

Adventure team arriving by tender

"Venom" Film Team (2017)

“Venom” Film Team (2017)