Meet the Team

Meet the Team

  Cecil’s Legacy is a mission in partnership
with Oxford Universities WildCRU.

This is Cecil the Lion. He was killed
by a trophy hunter dentist.

We travelled to Zimbabwe to track
down his pride and find out how they are doing.

Jack Randall is a Field Biologist and
this isn’t his first time in Zimbabwe.

This is camera person Sam Challenger getting hands on.

And scientist Dr. Greg Rasmussen was on hand to provide the wheels.

First stop was to meet with Chief Mbisi who
burns chilli to keep the lions away.

Turns out lions are pretty sensitive and Bongani
reckons loud noises from a Vuvuzela works too.

While locals do need to keep lions away from their homes,
the lions are in desperate need of protection
from humans too
. We met the hero doggos and
the Painted Dog Conservation anti-poaching
team removing animal catching snares from the bush.

But we hadn’t actually seen many lions at this
point so we teamed up with WildCRU to help us track them…

And then Leon Varley convinced us the best way to do it was on foot

And then we came across a sanctuary helping to build wild lion populations. They promised us the closest of close encounters…

Now we’d studied up on our lion knowledge it was time to find Cecil’s PrideKevin Pietersen is a passionate animal rights advocate with an interest in all African animals. He couldn’t wait to get out into the bush. Well…

And as we already know, lions are not that easy to find so Makhosi was in charge of the search

We found a new team member on the way


Thank you to the INCREDIBLE TEAM who came together to make this mission happen.