Animal Videos

Animal Videos

Follow Jack on an adventure as he spotlights amazing animals in the wild! You can learn more about all these animals and where they live by watching 4 Series so far: “Expedition Anaconda”, “Cecil’s Legacy”, “Venom, Australia”, and one on-going Species-focussed series “Creature Features”.

To watch, please scroll through each Series below using the arrows, then choose an episode using the slider.

Creature Features

South East Asia

All creatures have evolved different tricks to survive in the wild places they call their homes! Each animal has an awesome story about how they look, what they eat and even how they move! Creature Features tell the stories behind these crazy cool adaptations.



“Venom Australia” a mission to find 20 notorious venomous creatures out in the wild! From spiders in the mountains, snakes on islands, and octopus under the sea, we myth-bust the popular belief that venomous creatures are out to get us! We find each creature in its natural habitat, learning how they live in the wild and alongside humans. We visit top scientists studying venom and how it can be even used for medical purposes.

Cecil’s Legacy


Made in the Wild team travel to Zimbabwe to track down Cecil the Lion’s Pride. Cecil was the famous lion infamously killed by a dentist trophy hunter. Teaming up with local conservationists and animal trackers, we head deep into the African bush, on foot… This series features world-renowned cricketer and animal campaigner Kevin Pietersen.

Expedition Anaconda

Amazon Jungle

“Expedition Anaconda” is an adventure into the the Brazilian Amazon jungle looking for the largest snake in the world, the elusive Green Anaconda! Along the way we enlist the help of local tribes and meet lots of jungle creatures.

Adventure Log

Adventure Log

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

  Cecil’s Legacy is a mission in partnership with Oxford Universities WildCRU. This is Cecil the Lion. He was killed by a trophy hunter dentist. We travelled to Zimbabwe to track down his pride and find out how… Read More