Our Story

Made in the Wild was created in 2016 by Zoologist Jack Randall to inspire & educate the next generation about the animal world. Whilst sharing educational animal stories to Made in the Wild’s digital channels & later producing TV for National Geographic, the team starting building out “Spotlighting Missions” around the globe. The goal to showcase all species in their natural habitats and help with the monitoring of these species alongside local conservationists and scientists.

As part of this, we launched our Field Courses in 2018, supervising Undergraduate Students to learn the key field skills they will need for their future careers, whilst having the opportunity to get involved in the conservation research projects that we have partnered with. Our Field Courses are now expanding from an initial base in Zimbabwe to Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia & Australia from 2021. To further the mission, in 2021 we are hosting our exclusive “Komodo Dragon Experience” for Explorers and their families to join us and be inspired in the wild!

Jack Randall

Jack Randall is a Zoologist on a mission to meet every species on our planet – up close and personal! Jack began sharing his wild stories whilst traipsing through the jungles of the Amazon researching Anacondas. You can watch his TV series “Out There with Jack Randall” on Nat Geo WILD & Disney + globally. The series sees Jack trekking deep into the Australian Outback to research deadly crocodiles, pythons, turtles, feral camels, venomous snakes – and more!