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Our Zoological mission

We are bringing families, students & naturalists into the wild to learn first hand about our planet’s animal species. Armed with cameras, binoculars & remote sensors, our adventures further our knowledge of local wildlife. The ultimate aim is to start fostering a deep curiosity to nature & inspire the next generation of hands-on, go-getting wildlife biologists, rangers, explorers, photographers & conservationists.

Our story

Our story

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Made in the Wild was first the name of the YouTube channel I created while in Brazil collecting DNA from Green Anacondas (back in 2016)! These wild expeditions caught the attention of National Geographic who commissioned the family TV show “Out There” in Northern Australia. Fast forward to now, with close to one hundred filming, research & guest adventure trips under our belt, we have gained specialist wildlife & terrain knowledge across 3 main regions: Australia, Southern Africa & South East Asia. It is a true privilege to now be inspiring & educating some of the next generation of animal ambassadors!
Jack Randall
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Our team

Every adventure requires a handpicked team. Our diverse skillset base spans Zoology, Science Technology, Photography, Field Logistics, Mechanical Engineering, Health & Safety & Bush Cooking! We are there to personalise your adventure from start to finish – and will be documenting the journey for you to create lifelong memories!

Our commitment

We work with local conservationists and researchers on all our guided adventures and student field trips. We are fully committed to benefitting local communities and wildlife.

Chief Zoologist

Jack Randall

Jack Randall

Sarah Ash

Video Editor & Photographer

Jade Lowry


Jenny Stock

Photographer (Underwater)

Ndeshi Alweendo

Field Assistant (Jack)

Chelsea Crowe

Adventure Host

Suzie Brearley

Creative Producer

Ollie Whiting

Mechanical Support (Africa)

Michael Wyatt

Creative Designer

Emma Dearden

Onboarding & Operations Manager