Our Mission

We are showing you every species on the planet inspiring you to be curious, get adventurous and go explore the wild. The more we can learn about these animals in their natural habitats, together we can help conserve them for future generations. Join Our Mission!

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We strive to support our conservation partners grow and help establish long term biodiversity surveys across the globe, while providing a unique opportunity for Families, Naturalists & Students to join the mission. We are fully committed to working with local people & infrastructure on all our projects, including sponsoring local students onto our field courses.

Animal Videos

Follow Jack on an adventure as he spotlights amazing animals in the wild! You can learn more about all these animals and where they live by watching 4 Series so far: “Expedition Anaconda”, “Cecil’s Legacy”, “Venom, Australia”, and one on-going Species-focussed series “Creature Features”. To watch, please scroll through each…


Keen to gear up for your own adventures? Jack is curating a few of the key items from his Adventure Kit to help you. Stay tuned!…

Field Courses

We believe the best place for the biology classroom is in the field! Our Field Courses have been running since 2018, designed exclusively for undergraduate biology (and related science) students who are committed to pursuing a career in wildlife research, conservation and media. Our field curricular focuses on habitat surveying,…