Jack Randall's Research, Education & Media platform

Jack Randall is a Zoologist on a mission to meet every species on our planet - up close and personal! Jack began sharing his wild stories whilst traipsing through the jungles of the Amazon researching Anacondas. You can watch his upcoming TV series "Out There with Jack Randall" launching July 2019 on Nat Geo WILD. The series sees Jack trekking deep into the Australian Outback to research deadly crocodiles, pythons, turtles, feral camels, venomous snakes - and more!

Made in the Wild was set up in 2017 by Jack to inspire & educate the next generation about the animal world. Whilst sharing educational animal stories to Made in the Wild's YouTube channel, the team are also building out Research Missions around the globe, focusing on monitoring and surveying biodiversity with local field scientists. As part of this, we launched our GO WILD initiative, supervising Biology students to work with and learn from top field academics, starting in Zimbabwe, expanding to Brazil, Argentina and Malaysia from 2020.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We strive to support our research partners grow and establish long term biodiversity survey & research hubs, whilst providing a unique opportunity for International & Local Students join the mission and develop skills for their studies & future careers. We are fully committed to working with local people & infrastructure on all projects.

Animal Videos

We are curious about animals and their lives in the wild! We film animal stories in every new place we travel to and have filmed 3 Series so far: “Expedition Anaconda”, “Cecil’s Legacy” and “Venom, Australia”. To watch and explore scroll through each Series below using the arrows, then…

Get Adventurous

Keen to gear up for your own expeditions? Jack is bringing together a few key items from his Adventure Kit. Watch out, coming soon!…

Research Mission

Our Research Mission focus is on species mapping, identifying key areas that support the highest biodiversity. To support this, we have launched our GO WILD initiative for International and Local Biology Students. Each student project is all about developing field biology skills and supporting students to work on real projects…